About TSI

About Us

Founded in 2010, The Straits International Pte Ltd is a Singapore based supply chain manager which offers a bespoke one-stop service for agricultural and proteins commodities.

Our focus industry is on animal & aqua feeds, flour milling, food & beverages and ethanol. We provide a wide spectrum of services spanning from origination, processing, logistics & transportation, hedging & risk management to financial services.

Customers benefit from our seamless integrated supply chain network as we deliver quality raw materials and processed products.

We strive to build a fair business model and we work with diverse range of customers and partners to create relationships that are both transparent and beneficial to every parties.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

“Create fair and strong trading relationships.”

Our Values


Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Various Engagements


Excellent and Efficient in Executions


Engages in Fair Business Model

Our Overseas Offices

Hanoi, Vietnam

TSI Agri Viet Nam Co. Ltd focuses on import, export and distribution of animal feed commodities in Vietnam.

Vietnam Office 4
Vietnam Office 8
Vietnam Office 3

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

TSIC Agri Trade Co. Ltd focuses in farming and processing of fresh cassava (tapioca) and cassava residue. Fresh cassava is processed into chips and cassava residue is processed into meal. We also import, export and distribute animal feed commodities.

cambodia 3

Johor, Malaysia

Our Malaysia office specializes in production and export of biscuit meal, milk replacer, dextrose monohydrate, wheat bran meal and oats meal.

Johor Office 2
Johor Office 1
Johor Office 3
Our Representative Office

Chișinău, Moldova

Our representative office located in Chișinău specializes in sourcing corn, wheat, sorghum and sunflower meal pellet within the black sea region.

A member of Grain & Feed Trade Association.